The Wainwrights

Walking archive -June 2001

Coniston Old Man



Coniston Old Mine Workings


Distance: 9 Miles (approx)

The following is a brief outline of the route, but we recommend the use of a map & compass.

From the village follow either the road up to the car park and then the mine track, or the riverside path which eventually joins the mine track. Continue along this mine track passing many old mine buildings until you reach Low Water. From here a clear path snakes up the hill side and comes out on the top.

After admiring the view (including straining your eyes to see if Blackpool Tower is visible or not) set off along the ridge a short way until the path forks. Take the left fork which leads you down to Goats Hause, where there is a splendid view of Goats Water.

Ascend the slopes in front of you, following the path as it sticks close to the edge onto the top of Dow Crag, where you can now observe other people on Coniston Old Man pointing out Blackpool Tower. Follow the ridge south to Brown Pike enjoying the views down to Goats Water and Blind Tarn (named because it is one of the few tarns without an outlet).

Descend from Brown Pike to the Walna Scar Pass and follow the old road back to the car park and down to the village.

Low water from the path up to Coniston Old Man

Blind Tarn from the ridge connecting Dow Crag and Brown Pike



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